Mar 25, 2016

Right now, outside my office window, birds are chirping and it’s refreshing to see new flower buds peaking through the ground. There’s also a certain and distinctive spring in peoples’ steps as they navigate puddles and venture outdoors to enjoy the fresh air.

With the freshness of spring always comes hope and the opportunity to plan anew. I’m sure that I’m not the only person who gets inspired by more daylight, warmth and a fresh perspective at this time of year. And a fresh perspective pretty much sums up what the BCF has in store for 2016.

Late last year, we launched the #BeginChangeHere campaign which has gained very positive momentum across social media. We’re now applying this same fresh thinking to our annual philanthropy recognition program.

Since 2009, the foundation has invited residents to nominate a philanthropist or philanthropists who are known for improving our great community. Previous Philanthropist of the Year award recipients include Don Smith, Kevin Brady, Doug Leggat, Diana and Murray Hogarth, Ralph and Susan Sgro and, most recently, Gary DeGroote last year. Each year that a philanthropist is honoured marks a special milestone for our community. By sharing their personal stories about why they give, these philanthropists keep inspiring people to give generously and selflessly and #BeginChangeHere. 

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Learn more about our Share to Care Gala here.

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