How to create a fund to give brilliantly for years to come

How to create a fund to give brilliantly for years to come

It simply takes caring for your community to become a spirited philanthropist. Everyone can make a difference in so many ways by sharing your time, talent, and financial gifts in support of opportunities and community needs that you are most passionate about.

Support the Burlington Foundation Mission

Through supporting these two key funds

The Burlington Community Fund pools together donations from individuals and corporations and invests them. The income from these investments supports grants which support local registered charities, while the capital remains untouched. This means that a donation to the fund gives us great flexibility in tackling the community’s needs and priorities. It also means that your original gift will have an impact in your community today, tomorrow, and for many years to come. So it’s a brilliant way to give.

The Burlington Community Foundation Impact Fund is specifically designated as an endowed operating fund for us. We use the income from this fund to help support our operations; introduce innovative new programs; and continue supporting current initiatives. This fund will strengthen the Foundation and put us in a better position to address the most pressing needs and help the most vulnerable members of our community.

Setting Up a Fund

Our expert team is here to help donors like you make the difference you want to make. And as we offer a wide choice of options for individuals, families, corporations and charities, you can choose what’s best for you, as well as your community.

List of Funds

We offer many different ways for you to give brilliantly to our community.

We work with donors like you, helping match and select the right fund that aligns best to your values and interests. Listed here are all the Funds under our care.


Like more information or wish to set up your own fund? Please contact us.

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