The Paul Hansell Foundation Fund 

Why this Fund was created 

The Paul Hansell Foundation Fund was created as a way to support pressing needs of youth.

What this Fund is for 

Driven to influence, the Paul Hansell Foundation Fund promotes programs in support of the mental and emotional wellbeing of youth. The fund also provides financial support to the Paul Hansell School Life award – Assumption High School, The Paul Hansell Student Competition Award – Brock University, Reach Out Centre for Kids (ROCK) – Burlington and Brock University Students Union campaign “Students for Students”. 


Leave a Legacy that Lasts – August 21, 2014 – Read how Brian Hansell set up a Foundation Fund to leave a lasting legacy in memory of his son, Paul. 

Media Release – August 12, 2014 – Paul Hansell Foundation Fund Announces a Five-Year Commitment to Support Music Lessons for Youth. 

BURLINGTON, ON: The theme of this year’s International Youth Day (August 12) is Mental Health Matters. In honor of this, the Paul Hansell Foundation Fund is proud to announce a five-year commitment to the Reach Out for Center for Kids (ROCK) Burlington and the Paul Hansell Hand Up Fund to support music lessons for youth. 

The Paul Hansell Foundation Fund is driven to influence and promotes programs aimed at supporting the mental and emotional wellbeing of youth. It was founded in memory of Paul Hansell, a graduate of Assumption Catholic Secondary School and first-year student at Brock University who took his own life in December 2010. Paul had many musical talents and this program recognizes the many benefits of music in terms of self-confidence, self-esteem and expression.  

Brian Hansell
President, Paul Hansell Foundation
Phone: 905 520 6960

How to Donate to this Fund

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