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“We are so appreciative of Burlington Foundation and donors for your generosity and support of our Virtual Program that is helping keep the people we support active and to reduce isolation. We have seen an increase in participation over the last couple of months. People are excited to wake up in the mornings and enjoy music classes, art classes, fitness lessons, skill building opportunities and most of all, connect with their peers. This connectivity has helped reduce feelings of isolation in the people we support during these challenging times. Many of our community families have been challenged during COVID to find activities for their family members that is both safe and enriching and this Virtual Program has really helped people feel more connected to their community and to keep people active. The program has truly been a big success!”


The difference in Katy’s mood and behaviour is amazing. She has been very depressed and frustrated. Now she can’t wait for the next program to start and see friends.


Emily Huang
Senior Manager of Community & Resource Development
Community Living Burlington

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