Food4Kids Halton

“Food4Kids Halton has been serving Burlington and the Halton region since 2012. The program started in Hamilton as a result of a 10 year old boy waiting outside the locked doors of a school breakfast program. The program was to start at 8:15 and the child stood alone outside at 7:15 in the dark. He explained he had not had any food on the weekend and was hungry. Could he please have some food?

Through the important support of Burlington Foundation donors and other community gifts, our program is able to serve more than 600 children in Halton who go without food each and every weekend. This generosity of community makes a vital difference in the physical and mental well-being of our neighbours and friends struggling with food insecurity across Burlington.

By a village of people coming together, we’re all stronger. Thank you to Burlington Foundation and your donors for helping Food4Kids ensure children are provided the most basic of human needs.

… and congratulations on your 20 years of helping community!”

Gayle Kabbash
Executive Director
Food4Kids Halton

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