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” Distress Center Halton would like to gratefully thank the Burlington Foundation Pandemic Response Fund for their generous support during the early days of our state of emergency. We quickly went remote with our Centre and by March 23, 2020 our TeleCheck program was working from home.  Pre COVID in early March 2020 we had 40 weekly clients.  Between March to August 2020 we onboarded 39 new clients from services in Halton.

This crucial phone service supports exhausted caregivers, isolated seniors, people struggling with their mental health, Alzheimer’s patients, clients awaiting mental health services, or people needing additional community mental health support.   We do not have a wait list and your funding allowed us to support our vulnerable population impacted by the mental health pandemic.   For some clients, we were the only voice they heard all day.

We worked with other services to connect with those who were missing their caseworker – and we partnered with Meals on Wheels with our postcard campaign, letting their clients know we can call them, rather than dine alone in silence.

Thank  you so much for your generous support! Burlington Foundation not only helped our clients with their generous donation, but the fact that both office locations stayed open as essential services, you also helped our dedicated volunteers to continue to contribute during this unprecedented time.”


Dara Eisner Clancy
Executive Director, Distress Centre Halton


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