Public Art Funded by Private Citizens. 


Welcoming the Dan Lawrie Family Foundation.

Dan Lawrie, CEO of Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers Ltd., a local insurance brokerage and long-time Burlington resident launched his family fund in 2013 with the Burlington Foundation.  This fund was created to educate and increase the public’s understanding, appreciation and accessibility of visual and sculptural arts.  The Dan Lawrie Family Foundation is establishing and providing support for a public sculpture garden in Hendrie Park at the Royal Botanical Gardens that will display and feature an international sculpture collection and other works of art.  The garden’s first sculpture is the Rejoicing Family by Zimbabwean artist Taurai Mutigwa.

Dan shares how his decision to fund public art came about, “Through my personal interest in art and sculpture and through my travels to various places in the world where I have been inspired by public sculpture, I decided to create a sculpture garden closer to home for the enjoyment and benefit of my own community.  I believe investing in public art can enrich lives, enhance communities and inspire innovation, learning and creativity.”  He hopes this fund will help enhance the cultural vibrancy of the cities of Burlington and Hamilton as well as surrounding areas by engaging the imagination of residents and visitors.

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