The Carpenter Hospice Endowment Fund 

Why this Fund was created 

The Carpenter Hospice Permanent Endowment Fund was championed by former Mayor Rob MacIsaac to ensure sustainable funding for Carpenter Hospice operations. 

In 2016, the Walter and Louise White Fund was established within the Carpenter Hospice Permanent Endowment Fund to further support the organization.

What this Fund is for  

This is an Agency Fund created by the Carpenter Hospice to provide individuals and their families a high quality palliative care in a home-like setting meeting their physical, emotional and spiritual needs and making the last days of their lives together peaceful, comfortable and meaningful.  

Who Benefits from this Fund? 

This Fund supports the mission and services of the Carpenter Hospice. 

How to Donate to this Fund

Please click “donate now” and see how you can donate online, by mail, or phone.

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