Lawrence Sinclair Scholarship Fund 

Why this Fund was created 

Mary Lou Sinclair established a Donor Advised Fund to honour her beloved husband, Lawrence Sinclair, and his passions. Lawrence was passionate first and foremost about his wife and children, but found time for activities including skiing, tennis and running. Lawrence was passionate about engineering. He was a born leader and as the Director of Engineering at L3 Wescam, he motivated and inspired those around him to do their best and always respected them for their accomplishments. 

What this Fund is for  

The Lawrence Sinclair Scholarship Fund will assist students that are passionate about post-secondary education. It is hoped that these students will also go on to become leaders and have passion for family and personal activities. This fund will continue to celebrate the life of Lawrence Sinclair and leave a lasting legacy for Lawrence Sinclair, in this community as well as make a positive difference in the lives of others.  

How to Donate to this Fund

Click “donate now” and see how you can donate online, by mail, or phone.

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