James Paton Heron Fund

Why this Fund was created

In memory of his late father, James Paton Heron, James R. Heron has established this fund to be a legacy of giving to the local community. Since bringing his young family over from Scotland, James Paton and his wife, Elizabeth, instilled a love for Canada and for the Halton community into their children. And with James Paton’s kindness, warmth, and giving spirit as a model for the family, this Fund stands as one symbol for generations to come of James Paton’s mark on the world.


What this Fund is for

The purpose of this Fund is to support charitable areas of need in Burlington with a focus on youth, sports and recreation. James Paton Heron believed that all youth and their families in our community should be able to access integral elements of Canadian life such as critical swimming lessons, no matter of financial barrier.


Who benefits from this Fund

By supporting youth, sports and recreation programs, windows open for youth and their families to gain valuable access to activities which enhance physical and mental health, inclusion and happiness.

How to Donate to this Fund

Please click “donate now” and see how you can donate online, by mail, or phone.

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