The Haggerty/Durocher Fund 

Current Project

Stand on GuardInspired by the courageous men and women who put themselves in harm’s way day in and day out to protect us and our shared values, a song was created. It is our hope that others are inspired to share their own stories of people in their lives who have served either in the military or as first responders. Purchase the song and learn more on the project website.

Why this Fund was created 

The purpose of establishing the Haggerty-Durocher Fund is to celebrate the joining of two families by giving to others. In an age of ever increasing need, this Fund represents a small way by which we can collectively make a positive difference in someone’s life by contributing proceeds annually and touches perfect strangers and friends alike in a meaningful way. 

What this Fund is for  

The purpose of the Fund is to support and benefit health and music related cause in Burlington community. 

Who Benefits from this Fund? 

The proceeds will be contributing to either a health-related or music related cause in Burlington Community.

How to Donate to this Fund

Click “donate now” and see how you can donate online, by mail, or phone.

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