Creative Results for Kidz Endowment Fund 

Why this Fund was created 

“The Creative Results for Kidz Endowment Fund is “forever”…an incredible legacy in itself, representing the full, shared determination of all of us involved as donors….making a difference to “kidz” over and over again…giving children and their families the support they need…and they rightly deserve, given the challenges they face in life.” 

What this Fund is for  

This is a Donor Advised Fund that provides recreational or talent development opportunities for elementary aged children in Burlington. 

Who Benefits from this Fund? 

  • A focus on children 13 and under attending Burlington elementary schools that are supported by community youth agencies 
  • CRKZ believes that through recreational opportunities, children gain the development of new skills and abilities through the mentorship of coaches, instructors and community leaders, fostering social participation, and building a strong sense of belonging. 

How to Donate to this Fund

Please click “donate now” and see how you can donate online, by mail, or phone.

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