Beverley and Walter Mulkewich Community Development Fund 

Why this Fund was created 

The purpose of this fund to provide an ongoing source of grant making revenue to support and enhance service provided by charitable organizations in the fields of social justice, mental health and the environment. 

What this Fund is for  

Social Justice Initiatives could be any project that seeks to narrow the gaps in the community, such gaps being based on income or wealth, race gender, health, education, political power. Projects involved in research, education or advocacy. 

Mental Health initiatives could be any project that promotes mental health, provides education about mental health and awareness about current illness, or provides community based support program for the people affected mental illness or bereavement. 

Environmental initiatives could be any project that provides public education and awareness about current environmental issues or promotes sustainable development based on eco-systemic principles. 

Who Benefits from this Fund 

Eligible organizations should be based in the community with goals to build community capacity in any of the three fields of interest. These community based organizations may be either organizations holding charitable status or organizations that are partnered with a charitable organization or a “designated donee”. Eligible organizations may be branches of national or provincial organizations or “citizen committees” of local government. 

How to Donate to this Fund

Please click “donate now” and see how you can donate online, by mail, or phone.

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