Announcing Burlington Vital Signs® 2017 Report

We’re proud to announce the launch of our Burlington Vital Signs® 2017 report.

Click here to see Burlington Vital Signs 2017 report

Across Canada, community foundations use Vital Signs check-ups to measure the vitality of our communities and support action towards improving our collective quality of life.

Coordinated nationally by Community Foundations of Canada, the Vital Signs movement engages Canadians in a deeper exploration of the issues and trends that both affect and influence our daily lives.

Right here in Burlington, Vital Signs serves a dual purpose. It enables Burlington Foundation to focus our leadership efforts and granting program on the most critical areas of need and acts as a valued reference tool for our community.

And, for the first time ever, our community’s Vital Signs will be published in two parts. Due to the release schedule of the 2016 long form Census data, we’ll share Part Two in early 2018. Part One, available now, looks at 5 critical areas of community – Housing, Mental Health & Wellness, Environment, Seniors and Youth & Young Adults.

With Part Two, you can look forward to the latest information addressing Poverty, Transportation, Work and Newcomers.

We thank RBC for their lead Diamond Sponsor commitment to Vital Signs 2017, as well as our two Platinum Sponsors, Bruce Etherington and Associates and Pioneer Energy.

Through the launch of Vital Signs 2017, we are also excited to announce our new joint partnership working with RBC. As highlighted in the report, supporting youth and young adults is an area where we see great opportunities for our community. Working together with RBC, the Foundation looks forward to helping our community’s young adults transition to the workplace, ensuring a greater sense of belonging for all.

As with the example just shared, in 2017 and beyond, Vital Signs check-ups continue to be an important cornerstone of collaboration for the community of Burlington.

Whether it is helping seniors live more independently, championing access to mental wellness programs or helping young people transition to the workplace, we’re here to connect opportunity to action and make change happen in our community.


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