Right here at home, on August 4, 2014, Burlington experienced a record rainfall of 191 mm in just eight hours that caused significant flooding and damage in parts of the city. Roads, highways and over 3,000 homes were flooded.

Burlington's record rainfall of 191 mm in just eight hours

Burlington Foundation stepped up to manage the Burlington Flood Disaster Relief Program on behalf of the City of Burlington. Over 12-months, $2.7 million was distributed to help individuals and families rebuild and recover.

We will never forget the devastating effects that the August 4, 2014 flood had on our community.

The devastating effects that flood had on our community

And that is why we are proud to join UNFLOOD ONTARIO as a Founding Circle member.

Along with our Unflood Ontario partners, we want to inform more people about the many benefits of natural infrastructure, particularly about its role in reducing the harm done by flooding.

To learn more, discover how you can get involved, and help us raise awareness, please visit UNFLOOD ONTARIO.

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