Tetra Society of North America – $4,800 (Larger Grant)

Burlington Chapter Development

This grant will engage more Burlington residents to join Tetra’s quest for community involvement to provide a much needed service to those Burlington residents who cannot afford to hire an engineer to solve their independence issue. Tetra will be reaching further into the Burlington communities through presentations, forums and fairs to educate the residents of the service that Tetra provides with no charge for labour. The goal is to engage more skilled volunteers from Burlington to create assistive devices for Burlington’s disabled children, teens, adults and seniors, in order to solve an independence issue for them. As a result of a modified device, such as a modified desk or eating utensils, clients are healthier, happier and more active. They are more apt to re-integrate into their local Burlington community, reducing their isolation. Clients may go to school or back to work and many times, the stress on the family, care giver, social services, medical system are reduced. This project will celebrate Tetra’s 30th anniversary as well as Canada’s 150th.

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