Summit Housing and Outreach Programs – $8,500 (Larger Grant)

Don’t Mind Us

This grant supports the Don’t Mind Us program. The program addresses mental health and wellness by reducing isolation, increasing social and recreational activity and connections to the Burlington community by enhancing a volunteer program that includes peer-led supports with a client centered approach. It involves a volunteer strategy to address the transportation gap for their clients, by providing a volunteer driving program with two agency owned vans. The main focus is increasing supports for clients to participate in community social and recreational programming by providing peer to peer support, where peers may escort clients to social or recreational programs that are beneficial for well being; and increasing participation by hosting and implementing a roster of outings and activities in organized groups provided by volunteers (Eg wellness walking, art therapy, music makers, writing groups). They will host a community wellness activity open to general public to mark Canada’s 150th by organizing an outdoor yoga activity to promote community connection and wellness exercise/meditation, along with celebrating Canada. This will add larger numbers of participants, promote connection to nature and wellness, while celebrating Canada’s 150th uniquely through “Don’t Mind Us”.

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