St. Christopher’s Anglican Church – $13,000 (Larger Grant)

Open Doors 150 Community Engagement Project

This grant will support a community engagement project to build a strong and resilient community with a special focus on mental health by engaging community and having them develop special events/projects that help combat mental health issues in their community and also celebrate 150 years of Canada. Open Doors will gather together people from our community using the tenants of community development. They will help to facilitate the process but our community will come up with specialized projects that will help to build our community. In addition to the community engagement projects designed by the community this project will be anchored by 2 other community based projects. Pop Up Art Studio 150 – a drop in Art Studio that will also have a focus on Canada’s 150. They will create an Art Gallery that celebrates who we are, at the same time they will be using art as a tool for good mental health. They will have a special Community based Art Show event as a final event showing off 150 works of art for Canada’s 150th. The second project is 150 walks – weekly mental health walks that take place in our community and that are led by professionals (Community nurse, mental health counsellors).

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