Shifra Homes Inc. – $8,183 (Larger Grant)

Residential & Seeds of Hope Programs

The purpose of the Residential Program is to provide a shelter for young, homeless, pregnant women between the ages of 16 and 27. While assisting the young women and their babies, they address the basic human needs of providing a secure home, food, security, education, health and nutrition, transportation, counselling, parenting and life skills, mental health supports, and more. Shifra brings in service providers from other agencies to work with the women rather than duplicating resources. They also receive a tremendous amount of support from volunteers to help engage their clients with activities in the community. The Seeds of Hope Program acts as a secondary expansion of the Residential Program, so that Shifra can continue to support previous residents with the transition of reintegrating back into the community and living independently. They have been able to support their residents with rent, food, moving and medication costs, and continued access to donations, volunteers and support as long as the women are working towards a specific goal, such as completing education, receiving treatment and support for their mental health needs or looking for work. Shifra has had a 100% success rate with making sure these women and children never return to homelessness.  For Canada’s 150th Shifra will hold a summer BBQ for their residents and the community to celebrate our heritage and diversity. It will be an inclusive celebration for our community while also embracing the different ethnicities, religions, and upbringings. They will also create a picture frame of all of the babies born during Canada’s 150th to celebrate the opportunities these lives have received compared to 150 years ago.

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