Shakespeariance Performing Arts – $2,500 (Larger Grant)

The Shakespear-ience Extended School Experience           

Shakespearience develops essential soft skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, empathy and teamwork by enhancing character, confidence and communication skills in young people in Grades 3-12.

After delivering critically acclaimed in-class workshops to thousands of schools as an “event,” Shakespearience is seeking to satisfy the request of a number of teachers who have asked to expand the program from an annual “one-off” to a series of multiple visits that would allow exploration of any text under consideration in a much more comprehensive, in-depth way. The program looks at any scene of any act of any play in the canon students in Grades 3-12 might be studying and, by approaching them with an actor’s eyes, tools and skills, demonstrate to kids of various academic, socio-economic and cultural backgrounds between the ages of 8 and 18 that the language found in Shakespeare’s plays is nothing to be afraid of.

The grant will support expansion of the workshop’s reach to make multiple visits to the same school to work with the same students over a longer period.  This will provide the experience for two Burlington schools five times each to offer a more in-depth and comprehensive version of the program.

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