CameronHelps (2006) Inc. – $6,575 (Larger Grant)

Burlington Team Unbreakable

This grant will support Team Unbreakable, a recreation running 10-week program in support of youth mental health. It is physical health for mental health. The program teaches youth how to run a 5km, as a group, as well as gives them the tools and resources to cope with and overcome challenges they may face throughout their life. Although the program is free, some youth are unable to participate because they do not have access to the appropriate running gear. This grant will provide youth with the proper footwear and clothing to participate in the program as well as to participate in the goal event, which is a 5km Community Run. All runs require a registration fee, and this grant allows all youth who participate in Team Unbreakable to be able to attend. They will celebrate their achievements and feel the support and encouragement from the community that a run event provides. During the goal event, and for the entire project, CameronHelps will be adding a “Happy 150th Birthday Canada” banner to the Team Unbreakable logo. The grant, along with the goal event, will allow youth to participate and celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday. This portion of funding will cover the equipment and the registration fees, it will not cover the cost of the program shirts requested, which we will encourage CameronHelps to have them donated, if possible.

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