Food4Kids – $7,000 (Larger Grant)

Healthier Summers                     

Food4Kids provides a supply of healthy foods for school students from at-risk, low-income or disadvantaged homes with little or no food during weekend periods and during the summer months. This grant will build upon experience and research to create a more valuable, impactful and healthy Summer Feeding Program for families in Burlington.

Food4Kids is utilizing their unique position to create an improved Summer Feeding Program. By delivering to the homes directly, they have removed the usual food bank barriers of transportation and opening times. This year will be the fourth year of operating a summer program so they have experience and feedback about what families want to receive.

Parents will know that their children will be able to have a healthy, balanced diet that will keep them active and strong throughout the long summer months. With this boost in the summer, the children can return to school ready to learn, grow and play just like their peers.

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