Food for Life Canada – $8,000 (Larger Grant)

Nourishing Burlington’s Seniors

Food for Life’s mission is to source and distribute fresh nutritious food to those in need through community partnerships.

This grant will enhance senior’s food programs in Burlington through engagement, food offerings and resources.

The project will ensure that seniors in low income situations are provided access to healthy, nutritious food that is suitable to maintain their health and wellness. This will be done through the following initiatives:

  • Survey seniors to determine what their food needs are, what their cooking facilities are and how they would enhance the food program in their building to better suit their needs
  • Increase participation in the program through awareness campaign in buildings
  • Ensure increased food supply, and seniors friendly food available in sufficient quantity to match the growth in service
  • Provide educational tools that would better serve senior’s abilities to cook and eat nutritious foods at home
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