Burlington Baptist Church – $12,462 (Larger Grant)

Burlington Baptist Church Intergenerational Project: Celebration of Canada

This grant will support the collaborative effort by 10 organizations, including McMaster University, Acclaim Health, faith communities and elementary schools, to develop and implement an intergenerational program for socially-isolated older adults that focuses on Canada’s 150th Birthday Celebrations. The enhanced program will integrate three generations of Canadians including: older adults (socially isolated older adults; adult volunteers); children and youth (grades 6-8 students; youth in recreational programs); young adults (nursing students) as they educate and celebrate Canada, its history and its future. By integrating children, youth and young adults into the “Circle of Friends – a peer support program for socially-isolated adults from diverse backgrounds – they will jointly celebrate Canada’s history and 150th through social engagement, joint education and special events. The project will promote improved mental health as well as increase overall life satisfaction, and decrease feelings of social isolation among older adults; increase child and youth’s overall positive perceptions of older adults’; and build awareness of Canada’s history and contributions of Canadians.

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