ArtHouse for Children and Youth – $10,000 (Larger Grant)

Mending Fences

This grant will support Mending Fences; a collaborative arts project inviting vulnerable youth to participate in the colourful transformation of fences and walls within the Region of Halton in celebration of Canada’s 150th Anniversary. Mending Fences will allow ArtHouse and its partners to hear the voices of youth through the arts, to show them that we care about them and their anxieties by providing a safe place for them to express themselves, to unleash their creativity, to develop friendships, spending time with others who are living similar life experiences. Thanks to over 18 collaborative partners, Mending Fences will have 40 designated sites throughout Burlington and Oakville with over 650 participants. During 2017, each of these sites will be enhanced with the vitality and energy of the arts and be seen as vibrant “Creative Spaces”, places to foster social interaction. Mending Fences will strengthen our communities; culturally with public art, and reinforce a message to all generations that by investing in the well-being of our young people “today”, they will have the opportunity to become tomorrow’s leaders. These public spaces will stimulate active dialogue and foster social interaction that will lead to a sense of even greater community cohesion.

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